Purple Floor Tape from 5SFloorTape.com – 100’ Roll – 6 Inch Wide – 5S Floor Tape LLC web

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Purple Floor Tape from 5SFloorTape.com – 100’ Roll – 6 Inch Wide

Purple Floor Tape from 5SFloorTape.com – 100’ Roll – 6 Inch Wide

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At 5SFloorTape.com, we’re dedicated to ensuring our customers have exactly what they need when it comes to floor tape products. Tape can make a workplace more orderly, more safe, and more efficient, and color options allow companies to work within the 5S Color Code system and/or adhere to their branding.

To fulfill all these needs, we’re pleased to offer durable purple safety tape within our product line.

About Our Purple Floor Tape

When it comes to our purple safety tape, we supply the following products:

  • 2-inch purple floor tape
  • 3-inch purple floor tape
  • 4-inch purple floor tape
  • 6-inch purple floor tape

Beyond the sizing options, our purple floor marking tape also features a host of benefits, like all the tapes in our product line. These include:

  • 50 MIL-thick PVC material – as thick as two credit cards
  • Beveled edges to provide ease of foot and wheel traffic
  • Simple peel-and-stick adhesive backing
  • No residue left behind after future removal
  • Warrantied to stay firmly in place for 3 years
  • No downtime associated with painted lines

All of these advantages are why implementing purple marking tape, or any of our other tape varieties, into your facility is so vital. Keeping a workplace neat and orderly, and marking off aisleways, specific workstations, and more, are all key to ensuring production keeps moving smoothly and efficiently.

Contact Us for Purple Safety Tape!

If purple marking tape is perfect for your company’s branding and organizational needs, reach out to our team today! We’ll deliver the reliable, rugged floor tape you’re looking for.