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Mighty Line vs. Vinyl Floor Tape

Whose Tape is Toughest?

After 9 Months in a Real-World Facility, How Did Mighty Line Tape Perform?

We installed our Mighty Line tape and a major competitor’s tape side by side in an aggressive test area that is frequently traversed by forklifts carrying heavy loads. Nine months later, we visited this site to compare the results. You can see the competitors’ tape has significant damage and disintegration, while Mighty Line Tape holds up to the test.

Mighty Line vs. Vinyl Floor Tape Comparison

The Beveled Edge of Mighty Line Floor Tape

We’ve Got the Edge on Durability

  • 7 times thicker than average floor tape
  • Patented technology makes it more durable than other floor tapes
  • Beveled edge increases durability for forklift traffic
  • Peel & stick adhesive, removes easily
  • Pull tab makes it easy to remove the liner from the adhesive backing
  • Certified Anti-Static—use in areas with electronic equipment or electronics manufacturing

All Mighty Line Products Are Made in the USA

All Mighty Line Products Are Made in the USA.

Color, Size, Shape.
You Name It, We Have It.

We have everything you need to organize and safe-guard your facility. Use the many colors and shapes of Mighty Line floor tapes and floor markers to indicate work flow, delineate work areas, and mark proper placement of equipment, tools, inventories, and machinery.

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