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5S Approach for Your Company

The Payoff You're Looking For

Our Floor Tapes, Floor Signs, and a 5s Approach Will Yield Measurable Results.

The more clarity, logic and clear communication you can bring to a workplace environment, the more safely and efficiently it will operate. Using Mighty Line products, in conjunction with a 5S organizational method, will result in tasks being completed more easily and quickly, and a decrease in workplace injuries.



Leave in place only the items necessary to obtain optimal production.


Use colors of Mighty Line floor tapes and floor markers to show work flow patterns, delineate work areas, and mark proper placement of tools, inventories, and machinery.


When you keep things scrubbed, swept and sanitized, your environment can actually lift morale.


Ensure everyone knows what they're supposed to do, how best to do it, and when to do it, until it all becomes routine. Our floor tapes, floor signs, and placement markers can play a big role here.


These practices are more than rules – they must become an integral part of your company culture. Over time, you'll adjust tape, signs, markings, etc. as necessary.

So, Where Do You Start?

Start With a Plan.
Think about what items you need most often, and which are unnecessary. Which items should be nearer to each other? Which should be closer to the shipping area?

Mark Everything.
Where should that trash can always stay? Mark it. Become a neutral observer and walk through your facility -- where are the most likely collision points? Which passageways tend to get blocked? What are the safety hazards?

Document and Store Your Plan.
Consider taking photographs of the layout and flow lines, etc. Conduct an annual review of the plan and revise and correct as needed.