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Mighty Line Tape vs. Paint


Mighty Line Tape:

Stands up to forklift traffic.

Excellent pallet drag resistance.

Easy to peel & stick installation.

Easy to clean.

Maintains color.

Extremely durable to industrial traffic.

36 month warranty.

Floor Paint:

Chips & flakes under industrial wheels and pallets.

Hard to install.

Long wait to dry.

Leaves hard to remove residue.

Holds black dirt.

6 month life.

Requires many tools and workers.


The Mighty Liner Floor Tape Applicator

Floor Tape Requires:
Just One Machine: The Mighty Liner

Stop Painting

Floor Paint Requires:
Many tools & workers to get it right.

Wait Time

Mighty Line Floor Tape

Floor Tape:
No Dry Time.
No Cure Time.

Stop Painting

Floor Paint:
3-8 Hour Dry Time.
48 Hour Cure Time.


Start Taping.

Stop using messy floor paint.
Switch to our ultra durable Mighty Line Floor Tape today!

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